Benefits of having your own Inspection and Report completed prior to listing:

Disclosure All sellers must complete a disclosure statement that details all known defects of the home.  Most sellers are already aware of those defects in the areas of the home they can see, however; there may be conditions that need repair in areas not seen, such as the foundation crawl space, the attic, the roof, or upper story siding, and windows.

Efficiency Sellers can save time and avoid delays in negotiation during the sale of the home by disclosing all conditions prior to listing.

Preparing for an Inspection:

Peter allows up to three hours of on-site inspection for homes of average size and maintenance.   Time can be most efficiently used when Peter has access to the following:

Electrical Panel  Peter will remove the face plate of the main and sub panels,  these areas must be free of storage to be readily accessible. Any shelving or finished surfaces that prevent removal of the panel covers should be cleared away.

Furnace  Peter will remove access panels to inspect interior portions of the system, the area at least three feet around the furnace must be free of storage for access.

Attic Often the access hatch for the attic is inside a closet; Peter will use a ladder in the closet to ascend into the attic.  It is probable that insulation will fall from the attic in the process of opening the hatch; it is best to clear the closet space of belongings for easy access and minimal clean up in the closet.

Foundation Crawl Space  If the crawl space access is on the outside of the home and is covered with siding, or skirting, we request that the seller make access available by removing any obstructing material.  Peter performs a non-destructive Inspection and prefers not to cause potential damage to your property by attempting to remove installed exterior (or interior) features to gain access to the crawl space.  If the crawl space access is in the home, it is likely on the floor of a closet;  please make the hatch accessible by removing belongings from the floor.

Will I be able to ask questions and be given information that will be on the Inspection Report?

Peter abides by the Oregon Certified Home Inspector Standards of Practice which states:  ‘Inspector shall not disclose any information about the results of an Inspection without the approval of the client for whom the Inspection was undertaken.’  812-008-0201.3   We realize that it is awkward to have your home inspected without having access to information that is being gathered; however, it is in fairness to the client paying for the Inspection Report that no information be dispersed without their consent.

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