Can you rate the home, or advise me on the purchase of the home? Peter is commonly asked,  ‘Would you buy this home?’, and his answer is, ‘I already have a home, and I’m not in the market for another.’   Only you, the buyer, can make the decision on whether or not this home is right for you, and an Inspection Report by Peter Barten Home Inspections is the perfect tool to help you make that decision.

The seller (or other potential buyer) already had an inspection done recently, do I really need to have my own inspection done? Yes.  There are at least three compelling questions to ask yourself if you are considering relying upon an inspection report performed for a third party:

  1.  Are you absolutely sure that the conditions of the home are exactly the same as they were on the day the initial inspection took place?  Repairs may have been performed based upon the initial report’s findings, or issues may have developed that were not present, or visible, before.  You want to be sure of the condition of each system of the home prior to purchase.
  2.  Would you have chosen the inspector that the third party did?   Inspectors are required to be licensed, certified and insured.  In Oregon, they must perform inspections based upon the Certified Home Inspectors Standards of Practice.  It is to your advantage if the Inspector has years of experience performing Inspections and is committed to providing unbiased, thorough information.  Peter Barten Home Inspections provides you with the professionalism you need to make an informed decision.
  3.  Will you be able to rely upon the report without operating outside of any ethical standards such as report copyright?   Many inspectors have similar copyright policies on their reports.  Peter Barten Home Inspection Reports are prepared for the use of our client, and the findings are not to be shared with third parties other than those involved in the current transaction and only with our client’s consent.  If the transaction fails, third parties that distribute our client’s Report are in violation of the client’s and Inspector’s ownership of the Report.

The best solution is to have your own Inspection Report that provides you with current, accurate, reliable information for your use.


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